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Welcome to My s2dio blog


Here we will be updating our class information, with new classes and My s2dio social events.  Looking forward to keeping you updated!  

And it's all for Charity

By elkingtons, Nov 1 2016 01:14PM

September was a great month for fundraising at My s2dio with over £1,000 raised. £812 was handed over to M.N.D. in celebration of the life of Lee Hennigan and as you can see from this photo, CELEBRATE we did. Followed by a Macmillan afternoon coffee, when we raised over £200 in 2 hours!

October see's the rehearsal for our performance on 'One Night Only' at Concordia Theatre in Hinckley on Sunday 13th November again all for a great cause, this time for the Charity Neuroblastoma Society UK!

To finish the year off with a bang, I decided we should do a Calendar, this time to raise funds for A Gift to Lift. A photo shoot was organised with Lee Glasgow and we went to print, taking delivery end of October when sales commenced. Calendars are £10 each and are selling fast!

Finally My s2dio 2 is nearly finished and is already in use!!!

Looking forward to Christmas and our annual Christmas Party which is to be held at My s2dio on Saturday 17th December, when the S2dio closes its doors on 2016 ready to reopen January 2017.

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